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$375,000 Workers Compensation Settlement Union Glazer

Douglas Rallo has reached a $375,000 workers compensation settlement for a union glazier who was injured when he tripped and fell over rebar tie wire while constructing a hospital building. He extended his arm to try and stop the fall, injuring the “rotator cuff” and “biceps tendon” in his shoulder.  After surgery, our client had a “functional capacity evaluation” (also known as an “FCE”). An FCE tests to see whether an injured person can perform their job duties, or if restrictions and limitations are necessary for a return-to-work. The test usually lasts several hours on a single day.  The FCE evaluates lifting, pushing and pulling power, grasping, holding, carrying, walking and standing activities.  An FCE result does not control the return-to-work decision — the attending physician makes the final determination regarding return-to-work, but the FCE does play an important role in helping the physician make this important decision.

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