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$250,000 Workers Compensation Healthcare Company Employee

A healthcare company employee was struck by an overhead door and complained of neck and low back pain.  He later underwent two surgeries.

The employee had a ten-year prior history of neck and low back pain, which was particularly worse in the months before being struck by the door.  He had also been in an auto accident shortly before the work accident.

The healthcare company argued that the employee’s symptoms and medical condition were the same before and after the door incident and denied workers compensation benefits.  In response, his attorney Douglas Rallo located the other driver in the auto accident and took her deposition, where she testified that the occurrence was only a low velocity “fender bender”.  Rallo also identified subtle but important changes in the employee’s symptoms, test results and diagnoses, and presented expert medical evidence to show that the employee did receive new injuries in the work accident.  He argued that even with prior medical problems, the employee’s attendance at work before being struck by the door was excellent. 

“Winning cases requires analysis of all the relevant facts, weaving them together to make a convincing argument”, said Rallo.  “Here, we were able to marshal the auto deposition testimony, work attendance records and expert medical opinions to achieve a $250,000 settlement for this healthcare company employee”.

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