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$426,000 Workers Compensation for Union Laborer

Claimant, a union laborer, was maneuvering a dumpster through an opening in a wall. The dumpster struck the side of the wall and smashed claimant’s hand and forearm. Claimant sustained multiple injuries and needed several surgeries to repair the damage. Claimant hired personal injury attorney Douglas Rallo to help her through this complex and difficult time.
One injury sustained by claimant was a triangular fibrocartilage complex (TFCC) tear, according to Rallo. The TFCC acts like a shock absorber for the wrist. It absorbs approximately 80% of the force incurred while lifting an object. TFCC tears occurs by “avulsion” injuries such as falling on an outstretched hand. Symptoms are pain along the pinky side of the wrist, rotation of the forearm and pain with lifting. Treatment typically includes splinting, injections or surgery.
Claimant also sustained an injury to the extensor carpi ulnaris (ECU). The ECU helps perform “ulnar deviation” which is bending the wrist towards the pinky.

Lastly, she sustained injuries to the “cubital tunnel” at the elbow. A cubital tunnel injury involves compression of the ulnar nerve resulting in numbness and tingling of the ring and small fingers and pain at the inside part of the elbow. Treatment usually involves splinting to keep the elbow straight at night, and surgery if the splinting fails to relieve the symptoms.

“Even though claimant returned to full time laboring work in the construction trade, we were able to achieve a $426,000 settlement for our client”, said Rallo. “She is extremely pleased”. 

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