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$342,000 Workers Compensation for Union Carpenter

While working in Lake County, claimant was encasing windows. A gust of wind caught the material he was handling while he was standing on a Baker scaffold. He lost his balance and injured his left shoulder, which required surgery.

While he was recuperating after surgery, claimant returned to a light duty assignment but his job was later terminated. Attorney Rallo sought reinstatement of TTD benefits, but the defense refused to pay. At about that time, the Illinois Supreme Court, in the case of Interstate Scaffolding Company v. Workers Compensation Commission, ruled that an employee whose job is terminated for reasons unrelated to the injury is entitled to workers compensation TTD checks until the employee’s condition has stabilized and he has reached maximum medical improvement.

Based on our advocacy of the Interstate Scaffolding case, we recovered a year of TTD benefits which had been cut-off, and settled the case for $342,000.00.

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