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$325,000 Workers Compensation for Union Carpenter

Claimant was a local 250 union carpenter foreman working in the Northwoods Trails subdivision in Antioch. He was walking on the top plate across the front wall of a garage when he walked off the end and fell to the ground. He didn’t trip. He didn’t slip. He wasn’t tired and had just completed his coffee break. He simply walked off the edge while doing his truss work. OSHA did not require fall protection for workers doing this type of activity on residential projects in the Chicago area, at the time of the occurrence.

Claimant hired Libertyville personal injury attorney Douglas Rallo to handle a workers compensation claim. “Workers compensation law does not require the employer to be at fault in order to make a workers compensation claim, and a claimant does not lose a workers compensation case because of their own carelessness”, said Rallo. “Since claimant was performing a work-related task at the time of his accident, we were able to get $115,000 in workers compensation benefits for claimant’s hip injury, plus a $325,000 liability settlement against the general contractor through the efforts of our office and co-counsel.”

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