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$1.52 Million Workers Compensation Settlement Union Carpenter

Douglas Rallo has reached a $1.52 million dollar workers compensation case settlement. This is one of the highest known workers compensation “wage-differential” settlements in Illinois, and includes $945,000 paid to our client for future loss of earnings and $582,000 for projected future medical expenses.

In this case, our now-51 year old union carpenter client was carrying heavy, awkwardly shaped basketball backboards, pipes and other hardware to be assembled into a basketball system in a school gymnasium. As a result of this heavy lifting and carrying, our client needed low back surgery. While going through his medical care, we were able to get weekly disability payments totaling $481,000 for our client to support himself financially and pay his bills. The back surgery did not fix our client’s pain, and he was not able to go back to work as a carpenter, earning union wages.

Since our client had a reduction in earning capacity, Douglas Rallo was able to negotiate an extremely large lump sum payment of $945,000 directly to our client for a “wage-differential”, plus a $582,000 fund to pay for possible medical expenses in the future.

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