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$200,000 Workers Compensation for Union Worker

In this case, our claimant was a member of Teamsters Local 43, employed by Pepsi Americas. While lifting up the cargo bay door on the side of his delivery truck, claimant felt pain in his shoulder and upper arm. He hired Law Offices of Douglas Rallo to pursue a workers compensation claim.

Medical testing revealed that claimant sustained a torn rotator cuff. The rotator cuff is a group of muscles and tendons which support and hold the shoulder socket in place. Claimant had surgery to repair the torn rotator cuff.

After surgery, claimant was not able to perform the physical demands of his job with Pepsi Americas. “When the work injury physically impairs the employee from performing his or her usual occupation, the workers compensation laws require the employer to provide ‘vocational rehabilitation’ services”, said Rallo. “This usually involves a trained and licensed consultant to help the employee with resume-writing, interview skills and job search. The employee continues to receive weekly compensation payments while going through the vocational rehabilitation process”.

Rallo was able to settle this claim for $200,000.

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