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Douglas Rallo has achieved workers compensation settlements that are among the highest in Illinois —- a $1.52 million-dollar settlement in 2018 for a back injury and $715,000 settlement for knee and ankle injuries in 2013. Douglas Rallo has written 3 published articles on workers compensation law and taught other lawyers at workers compensation seminars. Doug has successfully handled thousands of workers compensation cases and has 37 years of experience to help you win yours. Call Doug now at 847-816-8780.
Here’s some general workers compensation information for you:
  1. If you have an injury from an accident while doing a work-related task — some activity that involves a risk of the job — you are probably entitled to workers compensation benefits.
  2. Workers Compensation cases have nothing to do with fault. You don’t have to prove that your employer did anything wrong. And you don’t lose a workers’ compensation case if you were at fault in causing your injury.
  3. Workers Compensation cases are not lawsuits. You are not suing your employer and the case does not go to court or a jury. Workers compensation cases are handled at the Illinois Workers Compensation Commission.
  4. Lawyers can charge a fee of 20% of what they get for a client plus costs. This is the standard attorney’s fee, set by law. If we don’t collect for you, you don’t pay us anything.
  5. The basic benefits you receive in a workers’ compensation case are:
    1. Payment of your medical expenses. Doctors, hospitals, etc. get paid according to an established fee schedule, and they can’t charge you a co-pay, deductible or any other similar fee for their services.
    2. You have your choice of treatment with two doctors, plus doctors they refer you to, so long as the treatment is reasonable, necessary and accident related.
    3. If you are off work on doctor’s orders, you should get weekly disability payments (called “TTD”). The amount is based off your earnings in the 52 weeks before the accident.
    4. If you have some “permanent partial disability”, you are entitled to compensation for the loss of use of the injured body part. This is commonly referred to as a “settlement”. Workers compensation does not pay a person for the pain and suffering they go through during their injury and recovery.
    5. If you can’t go back to your regular job because of your injury, workers compensation may have to help you find another career. This is called “vocational rehabilitation”.
    6. If you can’t go back to your regular job as a result of your injury and have to take a lower paying new job, you may be entitled to settlement based on a “wage-differential”.
At Rallo Law, we are ready to help you with your workers compensation claims. We are willing to come to you or meet you on the weekend. Whatever you need for your convenience, Rallo Law is at your service. Please call Douglas Rallo at 847-816-8780, now.