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$204,500 Union Laborer Workers Compensation Settlement

A carpenter from Local 250 has settled his lawsuit from injuries sustained at work in a residential subdivision under construction in Lake Zurich.  The plaintiff was walking across the deck of a house, then stepped down on to a sheet of plywood covering a window well on his way across the yard to get construction materials.  The plywood sheet either broke or slipped out from under him.  He fell in the window well where he injured his wrist and knee. 

The lawsuit, filed by Douglas Rallo, claimed the general contractor failed to properly supervise the job site and make sure the plywood was secured, and that the excavator carelessly backfilled such that plaintiff could not step directly to the ground from the deck.  The case settled for $170,000 cash to the injured carpenter, plus the general contractor paid off the plaintiff’s $34,500 lien owed to workers compensation. 

In a letter to his attorney, Douglas Rallo, claimant wrote, “I could not be happier with the services you provided since day one.  You and your associates were always a pleasure to work with and the results that you delivered are outstanding….  Throughout this long ordeal, I have found your honesty and tenacity to be overwhelmingly admirable.  Thank you for following through on your promises, Doug.  You have forever changed my future for the better”.

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