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$715,000 Workers Compensation Knee and Ankle Injury

In this case, our client was injured in Kenosha, Wisconsin when she fell off a ramp leading up to a house under construction, and landed on the rough ground below. Even though the injury occurred in Wisconsin, we were able to file the workers compensation case in Illinois, where the laws are more favorable to the injured worker.  Workers compensation cases can be filed in Illinois if the injured worker was hired in the State of Illinois, or if the employment is “principally localized” in the State of Illinois. Since this was the situation here, Illinois was a proper jurisdiction to file the case.

As a result of her accident, claimant sustained knee and ankle injuries.  The knee injury was “chondromalacia”, which is an injury to cartilage. She was treated with injections of “Supartz”, a natural substance that acts as a lubricant for the knee joint, with the goal of providing pain relief. She also had a peroneal nerve neuroma of the foot/ankle, with successful surgery.  “This extraordinary high $650,000 settlement, plus $65,000 for future medical expenses, in addition to weekly disability benefits during the course of her medical treatment and rehabilitation, put this case value significant in excess of a million dollars for our client. We are happy to have protected her financially and achieved such an outstanding result”, said Rallo.

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