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$174,000 Union Laborer Workers Compensation Settlement

In this building construction site lawsuit filed by attorney Douglas Rallo, the claimant alleged he was injured when an ironwork subcontractor failed to tack weld horizontal beams into place on angle iron.  A crane was carrying in wall panels to be fitted into structural steel.  A panel made contact with an unwelded beam which fell down and struck the claimant.  Fortunately, he only sustained a fracture of the acromion bone and developed “bursitis” of the left shoulder.

What is “bursitis”?  Bursitis is inflammation of the bursa.  Bursa is tissue surrounding a joint which allows the joint to move smoothly and without pain.  When the bursa is inflamed, movement of the joint becomes painful.  Treatment usually involves medications, physical therapy, and, occasionally, a steroid injection.  If these conservative methods of treatment don’t work, surgery can be performed to remove the thickened and inflamed burse a tissue.

In this case, claimant went to work the next day after the accident and did not miss a single day of work for the next year and eight months.  At that time, he had arthroscopic surgery for the bursitis and then only missed one week of work post-operatively.  He continued in full time carpentry without significant problems after his surgery with no medical care needed.  At Law Offices of Douglas Rallo, P.C., we settled this claim for $174,000.

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