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$437,000 Workers Compensation Settlement Union Plumber

A Wisconsin union plumber has received a $437,000 workers compensation settlement through the efforts of his attorney, Libertyville attorney Douglas Rallo. Our client was injured, over time, because of his work installing fixtures and mixing concrete.  “Usually, injuries take place suddenly, but workers compensation law also recognizes that injuries can develop from overuse”, said Rallo.  These are known as “repetitive” or “cumulative” trauma cases.

Douglas Rallo has written an article entitled Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and Other Repetitive Motion Injuries: Determining the “Accident Date” in Workers’ Compensation Cases, published by Illinois Trial Lawyers Association, which explains Illinois Workers Compensation law on repetitive injury cases

If you feel that you became injured from “repetitive” or overuse type work, or would like a copy of Doug’s article, call us at 847-816-8780.

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