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$124,000 Union Laborer Workers Compensation Settlement

In this case, the claimant was transporting steel pipe on a cart when the wheel got caught on a door strip.  The pipe started to slide off the cart, and when claimant tried to stop it, he injured his low back.  Claimant’s attorney, Douglas Rallo, obtained full payment of medical and surgical expenses plus temporary disability benefits in the combined amount of $412,800.  Claimant also received a $124,000 settlement for 45% permanent partial disability and open medical benefits for life.

“When a person settles a workers compensation case, the employer’s obligation to pay for future medical expenses is over”, explained Rallo.  “However, if claimant doesn’t settle the case, but wins at trial, the claimant’s rights to future medical treatment for the work injury are kept open, by law.  In this case, I was prepared to go to trial to force the employer to pay future medical expenses.  Knowing that, the employer decided to settle, and agreed to open medical as part of the settlement.  Now, claimant’s swimming pool therapy, medicines and all other accident related expenses will be covered for life”, said Rallo.

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