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$220,000 Workers Compensation Settlement Union Carpenter

While working for the Water Reclamation District, our client tripped on some “cribbing” which was protruding out in front of him on his walking path. This caused client to fall and injure his knee, requiring surgery. Each knee has two crescent-shaped menisci (each one called a “meniscus”), consisting of cartilage which act as cushions to prevent the bones from rubbing against one another. If a meniscus tears and doesn’t get better with therapy or medicine, surgery (called a “meniscectomy”) is often required to fix the problem.

Work sites where construction is performed are extremely hazardous, with risks of injury lurking in many places. Accidents are commonplace and many times are unavoidable. If something hap[pens to you at a construction work site, please call Douglas Ralllo at 847-816-8780. We are ready and able to help you, right now.

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