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$100,000 Union Laborer Workers Compensation Settlement

A local 150 operating engineer was lowering the flatbed of a truck which was carrying a crane, so that it would fit underneath a bridge.  After doing so, claimant turned around and stepped in a pothole, twisting his ankle.  After surgery to repair the injury, the claimant was released to return to work and recovered very good use of the ankle.

“We settled the workers compensation claim for $100,000,which was 55% disability of the foot, and an additional $51,000 to pay for any medical expenses which might come up in the future”, according to claimant’s lawyer, Douglas Rallo.  “Workers compensation cases are generally settled by determining a percentage of work disability of the injured body part.  Once the percentage of work disability is determined, certain calculations are made using the claimant’s prior year’s earnings, to convert the percentage into a monetary amount”, said Rallo.  “Also, unlike negligence cases, workers compensation law does not pay a person for the pain and suffering he goes through from an injury – the settlement focuses on whether there is any work disability at the end.”

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