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$200,000 Union Laborer Workers Compensation Settlement

In this case, claimant was working in a house under construction.  There was a pile of end members of a scaffold in the front foyer of the house.  While carrying a door, claimant walked in to the foyer.  His foreman pulled up in a car and called claimant’s name.  This distracted claimant, whereby he stepped on the pile instead of over it.  The pipes slipped out from underneath his foot and claimant fell down, injuring his back.  Medical testing showed he had a herniated disk.

Claimant’s doctor recommended surgery but the workers compensation company doctor did not.  “Because litigation can take years to resolve, is expensive and risky, I asked the insurance company to have the dispute resolved by a third doctor.  Even though it was not required to do so, defendant agreed, and the insurance company physician backed up the need for surgery”, said Rallo. 

As a result, claimant had his surgery, a $200,000 settlement, plus full payment of his medical expenses and weekly disability benefits.

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