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$185,000 Workers Compensation Settlement Union Carpenter

Claimant, an insulation installer, was coming down the second floor stairs in a house under construction, while carrying two packages of insulation.  Upon reaching the first floor, he took several steps and slipped on wet paint which looked dry.  The over spray on the floor had been left over by painters who painted window shutters inside the house, instead of outside.  Claimant injured his shoulder, for which he had surgery.  “Where an employee is injured on the job, through the negligence of a third party, the employee can have two legal claims from that one occurrence” said claimant’s lawyer, Libertyville attorney Douglas Rallo.  “One is a workers compensation case against the employer.  In this case, claimant also had  is a negligence case against the painting contractor which created the dangerous condition by painting inside and in failing to cover the floor, and the general contractor for the project which failed to properly inspect, supervise and abate the problem”, said Rallo.

The claimant received full workers compensation benefits plus a $185,000 settlement of his negligence lawsuit.

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