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$160,000 Workers Compensation Settlement Cement Worker

The Law Offices of Douglas Rallo has negotiated a $160,000 workers compensation settlement for a cement worker affiliated with Laborers Local 76.  The accident occurred when he lost his footing while jumping over a trench, tearing cartilage in his left knee.

Cartilage is soft covering of bone which provides nutrition and prevents bones from rubbing against one another by acting as a shock absorber.  Without cartilage, this rubbing of bone against bone could cause extreme pain, plus wear and tear necessitating joint replacements.  In the knee, cartilage appears as two crescent shaped “meniscii”.

When a meniscus is injured and torn in a work trauma, the knee is painful.  The knee may also catch and give way.  Usually, the tear in the meniscus needs to be repaired by an orthopedic surgeon.  Once the torn meniscus is repaired, the knee is usually able to function normally.

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