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Dog bites are a frequent, and avoidable tragedy. The physical damage can disfigure a person for life. The emotional scars of being attacked or bitten, and having to look at the scars every day, may never go away, especially with children and women.
What does it take to make a legal claim for a dog bite? In Illinois, the basic dog bite claim requires that the injured person:

1.  Must be acting peaceably,

2. In a place where he/she has a legal right to be,
3. The dog must attack OR injure, and
4. The injured person cannot provoke the dog.

In December of 2018, Douglas Rallo reached a record-high $550,000 settlement for a dog bite which resulted in a fingertip amputation. This is also the third highest reported dog bite settlement of any kind in Illinois, as of that date.

In such a case, the owner or possessor of the dog may be legally responsible for the injuries. If the dog has attacked or injured before, and this was known by the owner, the injured person may also be able to sue the owner for negligence.

As stated above, a dog does not have to “bite” you. The owner of the dog may be legally responsible where the dog attacked and injured — but did not bite. At Rallo Law, we handled such a case where the dog charged after our client who had a bad heart condition. The client had to climb on to the hood of a car to escape. The dog never made contact with, and never bit, our client. However, several hours later, our client suffered a heart attack. Rallo Law settled the case for $250,000.

At Rallo Law, we have achieved one of the highest dog bite settlements in Illinois. We are ready to help you with your dog bite claim. We are willing to come to you or meet on a weekend. Whatever you need for your convenience, Rallo Law is at your service. Please call us at 847-816-8780.