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$550,000 Record High Dog Bite Settlement

Libertyville attorney Douglas Rallo has reached a $550,000 record high settlement for a client who lost the tips of two fingers in a dog bite attack in Hainesville. This is the highest reported settlement for fingertip losses, and the third highest Illinois bite settlement of any kind, according to the Chicago Jury Verdict Reporter.

In this case, our 61 year old client was walking her Shih Tzu/Chihuahua when a neighbor’s Labrador/Pit Bull mix escaped from its owner’s home and attacked. Our client attempted to pick up her Shih Tzu to save her from the Lab/Pit Bull and in doing so, lost the tips of two fingers.

In Illinois, if a person is acting peaceably in a place where she has a lawful right to be, and is injured by another’s dog without provocation, the owner of the dog is liable to pay compensation for the injuries caused by their dog. In certain circumstances, the owner of the dog may also be sued for negligence.

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