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$975,000 Auto Accident Settlement

In this case, claimant was a 43 year old union electrician who was travelling northbound on the access road parallel to Woodman’s Market in Kenosha, WI, intending to go home after shopping. The defendant drove eastbound out of the Buffalo Wild Wings parking lot, striking the driver’s side of claimant’s vehicle.

The accident caused claimant neck pain. A medical evaluation revealed that claimant had a C5-C6 herniated disk in the neck. Disks are soft tissues (frequently described by doctors as having the consistency of raw crab or shrimp) which separate the bones (“vertebrae”) of the spine. Disks act as cushions to prevent the vertebrae from rubbing up against one another. If a disk is herniated, this means that the disk material has come out of its confined area (like the center of a jelly doughnut), causing pressure on a nerve.

Claimant also developed myelopathy, which is pressure on the spinal cord.

These injuries required surgery. The surgery was successful and claimant had an excellent outcome. His only restriction is to not lift more than 25 pounds overhead on a repetitive basis. “$975,000 is an outstanding settlement of claimant’s lawsuit, given the successful surgery and minimal restrictions”, said attorney Douglas Rallo.

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