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$450,000 Auto Accident Settlement Shoulder Injury

In this case, claimant was travelling northbound on Dilleys Road in Newport Township, Lake County. She stopped because a collision had taken place between two other vehicles in front of her. While she was stopped, claimant’s car was rear-ended. She sustained a torn “rotator cuff”.
The rotator cuff is an important muscle-tendon unit in the shoulder which plays a critical role in normal shoulder function. It consists of four muscles, the supraspinatus, infraspinatus, subscapularis, and teres minor. These muscles/tendons function in conjunction with the larger deltoid muscle to allow for smooth and painless motion in the shoulder. The rotator cuff is prone to injury and an injury can be associated with pain, loss of shoulder motion, weakness, and loss of normal strength. Another frequent sign of rotator cuff pathology is pain at night when trying to sleep.

Proper evaluation by an orthopedic surgeon can help determine the nature of the shoulder injury. A physical exam and sometimes an MRI of the shoulder will help delineate the nature of the pathology. If a tear is identified this may be treated with rest, ice, anti-inflammatory medications, corticosteroid injections, and sometimes surgery. The goal of surgery is to restore the normal anatomy of the rotator cuff by sewing the tendon back to the bone. Once healed, this will allow the rotator cuff to move the shoulder in a more normal fashion, without pain.
In this case, claimant made an excellent recovery. 

Law Offices of Douglas Rallo negotiated a $450,000 settlement of her auto claim. This is the highest settlement or verdict for a rotator cuff injury in Lake County, according to the Illinois Jury Verdict Reporter, which keeps track of settlement and jury verdicts throughout the state. If you have any questions or comments about this case, please call attorney Douglas Rallo at 847-816-8780.

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