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In a recent case, the claimant was driving a truck southbound on Route 83 in Round Lake Park. He came to a full stop at the intersection with Peterson Road, then began to turn left. Before he could complete the turn, the driver of a car coming from the opposite direction disobeyed the stop sign and crashed into the truck. As a result, the claimant injured his meniscus and anterior cruciate ligament in the knee, for which he had surgery. “This single event gave rise to three different claims,“ according to Libertyville attorney Douglas Rallo. “Since my client was driving a truck for his employer, he had a workers compensation claim.

Next, because the other driver caused the accident by his carelessness, we filed a lawsuit against him for negligence. And because the other driver didn’t have enough insurance to fully compensate for the extent of my client’s injuries, I made an under insured motorist claim with the truck’s own insurance company. The combined cases were settled for nearly $400,000”, said Rallo.

With twenty-seven years of legal experience, Law Offices of Douglas Rallo has the know-how to find every avenue of recovery for its injured clients. “I carefully scrutinize the facts of each case, and thoroughly research the law so that I can uncover every possible opportunity to compensate for my client’s losses”, according to firm owner Douglas Rallo. This approach produced results in the under insured motorist claim, he said. “Normally, under insured motorist policies are written so that the amount received from a workers compensation claim is deducted from the amount you can receive from an under insured motorist insurance policy. Illinois courts have upheld an insurance company’s ability to write policies to allow for the deduction.

However, in this case, my careful review of the truck’s insurance policy led me to believe that this particular policy was written differently, and did not allow for a deduction. After providing my analysis to the insurance company attorney, he agreed that I was right and paid full benefits without any reduction for the $129,000 in workers compensation benefits.”

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