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$250,000 Motorcycle Accident Settlement

In this case, claimant was riding his motorcycle on Stewart Avenue in Libertyville. The defendant pulled out from the stop sign on Lincoln Avenue in front of claimant, who had the right-of-way. Claimant sustained a fractured femur (the long bone between the hip and knee), which required surgical repair. Four months later, claimant was jogging up to a mile and working full duty at a manual labor job. Rallo Law Offices settled his liability claim for $250,000.

As in many cases, claimant’s bills were paid by group insurance. When that happens, the group insurance company is entitled to get its money back out of the proceeds of the liability settlement. This is to prevent what the law considers to be a double recovery. In other words, if the medical bills are paid by group insurance and then those same medical bills are factored into the liability settlement, the claimant has received payment twice for one set of medical bills. As of January 1, 2013, Illinois adopted a new law which makes it easier to reduce the amount of repayment to a claimant’s medical insurance. 

“As a result of the new law, we were able to reduce our client’s reimbursement obligation by 40%”, said Rallo. “This gave him an additional $10,000”.

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