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$200,000 Auto Accident Settlement Car vs. Pedestrian

Allstate Insurance Company has paid $200,000 to settle a lawsuit brought by attorney Douglas Rallo for an injured 64 year old pedestrian. “My client was in a marked crosswalk entering the Dominick’s food store. A driver came to a stop at the stop sign but then pulled forward and struck the pedestrian, knocking him to the ground,” said Rallo. X-rays taken at the hospital revealed pre-existing left hip arthritis that was so severe it warranted hip replacement surgery even before the occurrence took place, according to his attorney.

The defense doctor gave a deposition for trial where he testified that the hip was not injured in the accident and that the pedestrian only sustained bruises, sprains and strains. However, the law in Illinois allows a person to be compensated where a pre-existing condition is worsened or aggravated by another person’s negligence. “The defense vigorously denied liability through nearly 2 years of litigation, but I convinced them that I was prepared to go to trial and prove that the hip was injured in the accident,” said Rallo. The defense finally admitted fault and offered to pay $200,000 on the day before trial.

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