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$100,000 Auto Accident Settlement Bicycle vs. Automobile

In a case handled by Law Offices of Douglas Rallo, a 13 year old girl was riding her bicycle on the shoulder of eastbound Grass Lake Road. A vehicle traveling in the opposite direction went outside of the westbound lane, and struck the child. She sustained an open right tibia/fibula fracture and a complex laceration of her right leg. A rod was temporarily placed into the leg to stabilize the bones and allow for the fracture to heal. Two months later, she was walking without crutches and resumed most of her normal activities. While children can sustain severe injuries, their ability to heal is remarkable. This is because children usually do not have common adult disease processes (like diabetes) or harmful habits such as smoking which impede blood circulation, and they engage in regular physical activity which provides many health benefits to assist in recuperation.

Despite the excellent healing powers of children and their ability to achieve full recovery of activities of daily living, we settled our damages claim for $100,000.

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