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Douglas Rallo has successfully handled auto, motorcycle, truck and pedestrian accident cases for more than 37 years. We have won millions of dollars for our clients. Auto accidents are serious business. The consequences for doing things without the help of a strong, talented and experienced lawyer like Doug Rallo can be very bad. You need a lawyer to fight for you in the complex world of law and insurance.
At Rallo Law, we are ready to help you with your car accident, truck accident, motorcycle accident or pedestrian accident claims. We are willing to come to you or meet you on the weekend. Whatever you need, Rallo Law is at your service. Please call Douglas Rallo at 847-816-8780 now.

Here’s some important advice on what to do if you’ve been in an accident.

  1. Take photographs of all vehicles involved in the crash, before you leave the scene. Taking photos of the vehicles at the scene, showing how badly the car(s) are damaged, can help to win your case. Make sure to get good, clear photos from multiple angles and distances, to show the damage.
  2. Don’t talk to the other drivers’ insurance company when they call. The other driver’s insurance company is not on your side. They don’t want to help you; they represent the person who hit you, and they will use any information you give them to try and defeat your claim. You are not required to talk to the other person’s insurance company — don’t do it.
  3. Get medical treatment quickly and follow up with your doctors regularly if you continue to have problems. If you have pain, or have problems moving your body, you need to have this written down in a medical record. Insurance companies will rarely, if ever, pay you just because you say you were hurt. They want to see a doctor’s medical record that explains your physical exam and test results, gives a diagnosis of your problem, and has orders for treatment for your injuries. That way, the insurance company has evidence that your injury is legitimate and can justify payment of the claim.
  4. Don’t sign any “release” or other document you get from the other driver’s insurance company. Many times, insurance companies will try and get you to sign a “release” quickly after the accident, for very little money. Don’t be fooled. You may have serious injuries that you aren’t aware of, or which may require expensive medical treatment. If you settle the case too soon, for little money, it may be difficult or impossible to escape from the “release” and get the money you really deserve.
  5. There are time limits for filing lawsuits in auto accident cases. These are known as “statutes of limitation”. This is a time limit for starting a lawsuit, it is not a time period where you have to finish a claim. If a lawsuit is not filed on time, you will lose your rights to sue the other driver to get compensated for your injuries.